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QES – Qualified Electronic Signature

The Qualified Electronic Signature is an Electronic Signature based on a qualified certificate and generated by an IT procedure which guarantees the authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation of electronic documents. The QES certificate is issued by a qualified trust service provider only after a specific identification process that proves the real identity of the signatory.


Signature application

The three types of electronic signatures can be applied using a signature app. Let’s GoSign combines the electronic signature and the use of GoSign in a single experience, thereby simplifying the whole process. Manage all your documents anytime, anywhere.

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How Let's GoSign works

Prove your identity independently, activate your Qualified Electronic Signature and start signing simply and safely, in total security.

Quick activation by self-identification

Using an electronic document, thanks to NFC technology, you can prove your identity wherever and whenever you want in just a few minutes.


  • Optimizing your time
  • Total security and reliability
  • NFC technology
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Sign on all types of digital documents

Managing signature processes is faster, smarter and easier than ever!


  • Full legal validity
  • Personalization of documents to be sent
  • Careful to environmental sustainability
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Scan the QRCode and sign!

Signing a document has never been easier: apply your signature and scan the QRCode with your smartphone.


  • Fast and fully secure process
  • Technological innovation
  • Better user experience
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Infocert Provider

InfoCert is a provider of Digital Trust solutions in Europe, holding the Qualified Trust Service Provider certification for trust services provided in compliance with the eIDAS Regulation (EU) 910/2014.​


Environmental sustainability is a key theme of GoSign: exploit the full potential of digital, reduce waste of paper and ink and support a just cause every day.